about Cellarrich

Cellarrich has been founded in 1993 by 4 former students (textile arts) in Amsterdam. The first Cellarrich workshop was located in a low cellar (basement) at the Prinsengracht. Here arises the name cellar-rich. In this “cellar” we created tailored made bags and small leather goods.
In 1997 Cellarrich moved to a shop at the Haarlemmerdijk. The Cellarrich collection was no longer produced in our own workshop. Cellarrich stopped with tailor made products and started with a large basic collection of clasp wallets, zipper pouches and bags. All bags, straps and zipper pouches are produced by a Dutch family company. All products with clasps are made at a social enterprise in the Czech Republic. Keeping the production in Europe is an important point for us. We believe in the European possibilities and we try to keep the travelling distance of material and products as minimall as possible.
Cellarrich is constantly looking for balance between beautiful, durable and affordable products. The products are all very basic and the collection only changes a little each season. The diversity of the collection is in the amount of colours and materials.